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Elevate your academic journey with this comprehensive Google Sheets Template designed exclusively for college and university students. Seamlessly plan and organize your grades, books, and resources, keep an eye on your GPA, and optimize your study resources—all in one place.

» Product Description «

This template empowers students to take control of their academic life. It's an integrated solution for tracking grades, monitoring GPA, and managing books and other educational resources. Perfect for proactive students, this template is an essential tool for academic success, offering a way to gather all your study-related data in one place.

» Key Features «

※ Easy-to-Use: Quick set-up and intuitive design mean less time learning and more time studying

※ Highly Adaptable: Tailor multiple filters to suit your specific courses and grading systems

※ Always Available: Cloud-based Google Sheets format for accessibility across all devices

※ Data Visualization: Understand your academic trends through interactive dashboards

※ Multi-Semester Use: Designed for reuse, making it a long-term investment in your academic success

※ Full Support: Video tutorials and post-purchase customer service to answer any questions

» Tabs Included (Total #3) «

※ Quick Setup

※ Comprehensive Grade and GPA Management

※ Integrated Book and Resource Tracker

» How it Works «

※ Upon purchase, an email with a PDF containing the Google Sheets link will be sent to you

※ Download and consult the User Guide for effortless set-up

※ Start taking charge of your academic future today!

» Return Policy «

While we aim for complete customer satisfaction, refunds or exchanges cannot be accommodated due to the digital nature of this product. Be sure to read the description before purchasing. Contact us for any queries or issues.

You will get a PDF (46KB) file

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